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Complete Bar-Sto Firearms

From 1911's and 870 Shotguns, to AR style rifles, all Bar-Sto firearms are made to use. No show, all go! We want you to shoot and carry our tools. Using only the best parts, this is what they are made to do. BUILT ROCK SOLID BY A STONE!

Barsto BS40 Barsto XD5
California certified 40 caliber wide body
  • 40 cal wide body frame
  • Bomar style low mount rear sights
  • Cylinder and Slide hammer sear disconnector
  • Match fit Bull Bar Sto barrel
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • Black oxide finish with smooth sides
  • Supplied with one 10rnd magazine.

We use the best parts and HAND build each one!! You are receiving a custom built firearm at a production price!

Retail cost for the California legal 40S&W firearm is $2600.00 plus shipping and tax. Contact us today for info: call 605-720-4000, or email us at

We also offer other calibers for outside California sales. They are 9mm,38super,10mm and 45acp.

We also offer a long slide version for outside California sales in all the above calibers for $3000.00 (Includes Lightening Cuts on slide).

We also offer a light rail frame for outside Califonia sales in all calibers with fixed sight options of Heine or Novak fixed night sights $2700.00 plus shipping.

The Bar-Sto Precision BS40 is designed specifically with the competition shooter in mind.

 Bar-Sto handguns are only approved in Massachusetts for use in competitive target shooting.  Some options may not be available in Massachusetts.

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