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Threading & Porting

For suppressors, you must specify supressor make, model and thread pitch. For compensators, you must specify make, model and thread pitch.

For both compensator and suppressors, we need to have the firearm model. For compensator, we need the slide length. Cost for threading (for a compensator) is $75.00 plus barrel cost. The cost of threading for a suppressor is $75.00 (this includes thread protector) plus cost of barrel. We perform this service only on barrels that we produce.

When placing an order for a threaded barrel (whether for a compensator or suppressor) please ensure that you include all requested information in the comment section of your order.


Please give for Porting ,Make , Model, Slide length (for glocks other than 34, 35, 17L, 24L please specify if FACTORY COMP MODEL) We can put porting on the Glock 34.35.17L.24L inside the cut out in slide. For all others the porting will be outside the front of the slide . This will take an extended barrel. We will give you the shortest possible barrel length with the amount of ports you ask for (no more than 3 ports). Cost for porting is $30.00 extra plus barrel length.

When placing an order for a ported barrel, please ensure that you add the additional information to your order in the comment section of the order form.





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